About The Stable Isotopes Company.

Stable Isotope’s mission is to provide its customers with a comprehensive service that emphasizes these four elements:

  • High quality isotopes, tailored as much as possible to the specific needs of each customer.
  • Reliable, quick delivery.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Technical assistance whenever needed.

Who are we?

The company is managed by Dr. Gabriel Degani, acting as President and Mr. Eduard Galantzan, acting as Vice President of Marketing.

Dr. Gabriel (Gaby) Degani is a well known old-timer in the Isotope field. He was the founder and principal shareholder of Enritech Ltd., a company that was one of the pioneers of O-18 and O-17 commercial separation. After establishing Enritech, Gaby founded D-Chem Ltd. which dealt extensively in commerce of stable isotopes.

Edward (Eddie) Galantzan has a long career in international marketing and has developed an expertise in using IT tools for excellence in marketing.

Please take look at our main sources of Isotopes. You will recognize those to be the leaders of the Industry, encompassing the prevailing methods of Isotope separation: Electromagnetic, Gas Centrifuge separation technology and distillation. Besides those noted on our website, several other manufacturers of stable isotopes are available to us.

We encourage you to request quotations for your isotope materials needs. We commit to respond to each request within 1 business day and to ship your resulting isotope needs through FedEx, directly to your laboratory, within 7 business days.