The Stable Isotopes Company

stable isotope The Stable Isotopes Company was founded in 2016. Its two principals have dealt with stable isotopes for over 25 years, first as manufacturers of Oxygen-18 and Oxygen-17 and later on as traders, supplying stable isotopes primarily to the research community.

As most of the stable metal isotopes are produced in Russia, we are proud to be directly associated with the leading Russian manufacturers of stable isotopes.

In addition we represent Rotem Industries Ltd. and are offering the stable Oxygen isotopes O-18 and O-17 in laboratory quantities.

A large, albeit partial list of the isotopes we supply can be found in the Isotopes page of our website.

In addition to the four suppliers listed below, we are able to locate stable jsotopes from several other sources including manufacturers or other traders. Therefore please inquire with us with any of your isotope requirements. Chances are that we shall be able to locate and quote them to you.


Rotem Industries Ltd.

The worldwide leader in O-17 and O-18 isotopes



The world’s leading source of isotopes obtained by Electro Magnetic separation.


ECP – PA Electrochemical Plant

The world’s leading source for isotopes obtained by the Gas-Centrifuge method.


The Kurchatov Institute

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